Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for reservations, group reservations, meetings and conferences and food and beverages events.

Services and prices

Services and prices agreed on are as per specification enclosed. The prices include relevant taxes and service charges. In the event of a change of such taxes or service charges, the prices quoted shall be subject to changes without notice. However, the contractor shall be advised of such changes immediately. In case the services reserved is reduced by more than 50% of those originally agreed, the prices shall be subject to re-negotiation.


For all reservations made as block-space-reservations, the customer guarantees for arrival. This means that the customer is reliable in the event of no shows or late cancellations and guarantees payment for the reserved accommodation. The hotel cannot at any point, sell the room to another party unless instructed to by the customer. For further information, please revere to the cancellation regulations below.


Orders may be placed orally or in writing. Both parties shall confirm receipt of orders in writing. The above rates and rooms are only applicable during the dates of this reservation. The hotel must be notified in writing of all changes. All changes on revised rooming list must be marked clearly.


The Customer shall be liable for all costs arising from the order. Payment shall be made as agreed. If participants are each to pay anything themselves, this shall be approved by the Hotel. The failure of any participant to show up for any ordered meal shall not entail any entitlement to a reduction in the price. If an agreement has been made for prepayment, an advance payment of at least 50% of the confirmed price shall be paid 30 days before arrival. If an agreement has been made for payment against invoice, the Customer shall make full cash payment within 10 days of the invoice date. If the time for payment is exceeded, the Hotel shall be entitled to charge late payment interest from the due date. Invoices shall be subject to an invoicing charge.

No show – early departure

In the event of no show, the Hotel will charge full payment for the room as well as other services. 24 hours’ notice must be given in the event of early departure. Notice given less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a charge equal to the cost of the total room nights booked. Should more than 5% of the group depart early, this will be seen as a cancellation and will be invoiced according to the terms and conditions for cancellation laid down the contract between the hotel and Customer.


The hotel reserves the right to use a hotel as close as possible and of the same or of a higher category in the unlikely event of not being able to accommodate the reservation.


Cancellations shall be made in writing. Until 30 days prior to arrival, the whole group can be cancelled without charges. Thereafter, a maximum of 50% of the arrangement can be cancelled on the following terms per day: from 30 days until 20 days prior to arrival up to 50% of the last given number of rooms can be cancelled without charge. From 19 days until 10 days prior to arrival, up to 25% of the last given number of rooms can be cancelled without charge. From 9 day until 5 days prior to arrival, up to 10% of the last given number of rooms can be cancelled without charge. From 4 days until 3 days prior to arrival, up to 5% of the last given number of rooms can be cancelled without charge. In the event of cancellation after this date, the hotel reserves the right to demand full payment for the number of rooms cancelled, together with payment for services booked, which cannot be cancelled, i.e. meals. The arrival date is defined as the first day of arrival according to the original main reservation, whether or not it at a later date becomes clear that a small number of guests arrives prior or after this date.

Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, conflagrations, explosions, wars or warlike conditions, substantial restrictions on supplies and other circumstances outside the Hotel´s control entitles the Hotel to cancel the agreement without any liability in damages.

Liability for property/infliction of damage

The Hotel shall not be strictly liable for property kept in hotel rooms or on the Customer’s premises. Should it legally be proved that the Hotel or his employees have acted recklessly or negligently or otherwise bear the blame for property being lost or damaged, the Hotel shall be liable for the lost/damaged property. The Customer shall, for his part, be responsible for damage that he himself or his participants negligently inflict upon the Hotel.

Bookings made through an organizer

Where booking and payment are made through a Travel/Event Organizer, such company shall, without delay, hold the Hotel’s funds on a separate account until such time as payment is made to the Hotel. The above-stated company shall also have an obligation to provide an accounting to the supplier for any funds received on behalf of the Hotel.