Do you remember the last time you stayed in a hotel?

Was the breakfast selection a little mingy? The bed too hard ? Did the receptionist seem to have a crappy day? Was the view from your room a boring wall? And the WiFi waaay too slow?

You definitely don’t want that experience again, so picture this instead:

Tired after a hard day. A work day that started freakishly early, lots of meetings, hundreds of emails. Or after a day of visiting not only The Old Town and Salling Rooftop, but also ARoS and Moesgaard Museum – after walking endlessly up and down the canal.

Finally, you see the building – down by the water. The glass doors open for you asking you to come inside, the smell of coffee hits your nostrils, your ears are caressed by a nice little tune playing over the speakers, the receptionist smiles warmly from behind the front desk and the entire lobby is oozing with that “Je ne sais quoi”. The elevator gently takes you to the 9th floor, you unlock the door, enter and throw yourself onto the bed. You need a little background noise, so you stream an episode of the show you’re watching on Netflix, using the Chromecast in the TV. Before you close your eyes – just for 5 minutes before you’re going out on the town – you gaze at the unique view. You are in Aarhus.

You are at Hotel Atlantic.

Best wishes

Tony Bak
General Manager

We encourage all our guests to bear in mind the current energy crisis and to turn off the lights when leaving the guest room.

We are doing our absolute best to reduce our energy consumption without compromising on the quality of our services – and that means that you suddenly might find yourself in a dark(er) corner at the premises, or find the coffee machine turned off during the night 😊

Open the door with your phone

You can check in a couple of days before you arrive. Take this opportunity to save time and skip the queue at the reception! (But stop by and have chat later).

After completing check-in, download the AeroGuest app to receive a digital key for your room. Share the key with your travel companions, chat with us, pay and check-out when you’re leaving – all in the app.

Breakfast will make you smile on the 10. floor

Parking for all – large and small

Great view of the Aarhus harbour

Dogs are welcome guests at Hotel Atlantic

Chromecast in all rooms to stream your favorite program

Love and war – room for everything

Coffee & tea making facilities in all guest rooms

Take a virtual tour of the hotel here!